MTC Week 1

Hallo meine Familie und Freunde!

Ich bin Sister Miltimore! Ich liebe das MTC zu haus. Es ist sehr schwierig, aber sehr gut. Ich jeden Tag Deutsch lernen. Ich bin glücklich, um mein Erretter zu vertreten. Ich lese das Buch Mormon, spreche mit Freunden der Kirche und fühle den Heiligen Geist. Ich bin auch sehr, sehr müde. Aber das ist okay! Und… das ist alle!

Hello, my family and friends!

I’m Sister Miltimore! I love the MTC (missionary Training center) at home. It is very hard, but very good. I learn German every day. I am happy to represent my savior. I read the book of Mormon, talk with friends of the church, and feel the holy spirit. I am also very, very tired! But that is okay! And… that is all!

German is sehr schwierig, very hard, but I’m already picking things up! In fact, next week we will have our first training lesson in German! I’m nervous but have faith that the gift of tongues will see me through.

First week of virtual MTC… what a rollercoaster! Super overwhelming, but also rewarding. I’m learning a ton and can’t wait to learn more. Though I will say… getting a couple days off for Christmas is very lucky! How amazing is it that I get to be home for Christmas as a missionary in training? My family and I are very happy that it means I’ll only be gone one Christmas.

So, I’m sure many of you are curious how home MTC works! Let me give a super brief overview: I get up at 8:30 and do my personal study. Then I get to meet with my companion for daily planning! My companion is Sister Parker from Sugar City Idaho, and she is an absolute saint. I am extremely lucky to have her as my companion. After we plan our day, we break for breakfast and get ready for morning class which is 3 hours from 11-2. After that, my family sometimes goes for a walk and has lunch. My companion and I come back together for companionship study, then some personal language study, and then study some more together as companions. TONS of studying, and yet I still feel like I should be doing way more every day. We have ten days (from last Friday) to memorize *billions* of words in a small booklet called “German Basic Core.” Over 100 words, about 30 phrases, and topics ranging from meeting someone to sharing your testimony!

After we study together, we are pretty much free till evening class, which goes from 7:45 to about 10:30. I then promptly get ready for and go to bed because the MTC is exhausting!! You’re going all day, you’re on a whole new schedule, and I won’t lie: some tears have been shed. But you know what? What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and I know that the Lord is shaping me to become the missionary I’m meant to be.

I wanted to share a quick spiritual experience from this week. In class Saturday night, I was feeling kind of down. I was overwhelmed, depressed at what I saw as a lack of progress. Our teacher had us go into breakout rooms on Zoom with our companions and practice praying in German. I knew I wanted to do well, that I needed to do well. I said a simple prayer auf Deutsch (in German.) When I opened my eyes, our teacher was in the breakout room. The spirit was super strong as he asked me and my companion how we felt about my prayer.

But what made all the difference is that as he left the breakout room, he just simply said “that was a really good prayer Sister Miltimore.” All of a sudden, tears sprung to my eyes as I realized that I had done something right, something good. I was learning, I was growing, and I had just prayed to my Heavenly Father in a language that was not my own. It is a small, but deeply meaningful victory that I will never forget.

Das ist alle für Woche eins! Fröhliche Weihnachten! That’s all for week one! Merry Christmas!